Fun Fun Fun

July 4th weekend in Southern California is a fun and exciting time.   We hope that you will stay an enjoy some of the great sights that the area has to offer.  There are many amusements parks, events for kids, restaurants, outdoor activities ... basically fun for everyone.  Most of this information can be found online at, but we thought we would highlight some key attractions.   For activities in Los Angeles, feel free to contact us for some tips. 

Amusement Parks

The most popular park is Disneyland!  It's less than a mile away from the hotel and the hotel provides free shuttle service to Disneyland every 30 minutes.  On Saturday night, around 9:30pm, Disneyland will have a great fireworks show.  You don't have to pay to enter the park for the fireworks show, just take the shuttle to downtown Disney and watch from there!  Click here for more information!  If you just want to eat and hang out without entering the park, you can go to Downtown Disney for a relaxing day.  Click here for more information.

For people that want more rides, there is also California Adventures.  It's a fun park with more adult rides.  Contact the hotel about transportation and click here for more information.

For a fun alternative, there is Lego Land.  Imagine a park with lots of Legos.  Fun for Kids and Adults!  Contact the hotel about transportation . Click here for more information.

Just a short drive away is another theme park - Knott's Berry Farm.  It's a great family park with fun rides, games, and fun for kids.  Hotel will not provide shuttle to this park.  Click here for more information.  

Check back for additional ticket discounts.

Local Attractions

Summer time in California means heading to the beach.  Check out the lovely beaches in the area - Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Seal Beach and more. Long Beach has many activities, including tours, exploring the Queen Mary, and small cruises.  

For a nice day trip, check out Catalina Island, where you can enjoy water sports, biking, relaxing, horseback riding, and more. 

Family Parks

Orange County has some great green parks for families.  Some are right near the hotel and some are just a couple miles away.  Twin Lakes Recreational Park is a few block from the hotel near Lampson and West Street.  It has a small lake that is a relaxing break for families. A couple of miles away is Clark Regional Park.  It's a private park with a nice lake, swings, and lotf of green area.  


For those who want to catch some golf, Orange Couty has some terrific golf courses.  Click here to discover some of them!

For baseball fans, the Anaheim Angels will play homes against the Kansas City Royals.  For tickets information, click here